40mm Double Fixed Window - Even

Parameter Value Unit
Description this is a 40mm casement window modeled off the Vantage profile, all elements are extruded profiles right down to the neoprene seals, this file is quite large but excellent for showing that extra detail in your project. I think i've managed to iron out all the kinks, and yes this window is parametric.

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Investment Cost 300
Life Expectancy 12 years
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Information sources http://www.revitcity.com/downloads.php?action=view&object_id=8053
Parameter Value Unit
Dimensions: mm
Thickness: 40 mm
Infiltration Rate: m³/hm²
Sound Insulation: dBA
Thermal Conductivity: W/mK
Specific Heat Capacity: J/kgK
Number of Glazing: 2
U-Value: 5.4 W/m2K
Annual Degradation Rate on U-Value: 99  %
g-Value:  %
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient:  %
Visual Light Transmittance:  %

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