Curtain Wall Window

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Parameter Value Unit
Description CSI Division: 08 50 00 Windows

RevitCity Division: Windows Uploaded By: MattEarl Uploaded On: Wed, Sep 20, 2006 Original Creator: Revit 9.1 MattEarl

Investment Cost 400
Life Expectancy 10 years
Image 2869.jpg
Information sources
Parameter Value Unit
Dimensions: mm
Thickness: mm
Infiltration Rate: m³/hm²
Sound Insulation: dBA
Thermal Conductivity: W/mK
Specific Heat Capacity: J/kgK
Number of Glazing: 1
U-Value: 4.3 W/m2K
Annual Degradation Rate on U-Value: 98  %
g-Value:  %
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient:  %
Visual Light Transmittance:  %

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