HVAC components

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Description A condensing boiler extract heat from the otherwise wasted exhaust gases. It has a larger or a secondary heat exchanger which causes the hot exhaust gases to lose much of their energy during the combustion process. This pre-heats the water in the boiler system in a highly energy efficient way, extracting more energy from the fuel than conventional boilers. At its peak efficiency, the vapor produced condenses back into liquid form (the condensate), thereby releasing the latent heat of vaporization. There are boilers fired by gas and other fired by oil.

Energy efficient: Operating efficiencies of 90% or better can be achieved


The condensate is slightly acid and needs to be piped to a drain or soaked away

Application barriers
Information sources
Image 320px-Viessmann_Vertomat_Condensing_Boiler.JPG
Trade: HVAC technologies
Energytype: thermal
Energy saving or generation: generating
Season: winter, summer
Buildingtype: single, collective
Envelope or System: system
Category: heating, domestic hot water
Initial cost per unit: high
Cost for operation and maintenance: high
Cost development: continuous