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{{Micro Wind Turbines Template
{{Micro Wind Turbines Template
|Description=Machine that generates electricity through a turbine connected to a propella blades.
|Advantages=*Eco-friendly option
*Requires little ground space
|Application barriers=
*Load when operating
|Information sources=
*Pollution in the manufacturing phase
|Application barriers=*Government policy on micro-generation
|Information sources=*[http://www.azocleantech.com/news.aspx?newsID=10161 Source] [http://www.wwindea.org/webimages/WWEA_half_year_report_2014.pdf Source] [http://www.rebelwolf.com/essn/ESSN-Aug2005.pdf Source] [http://www.klein-windkraftanlagen.com/welcome-to-the-german-small-wind-turbine-portal/ Source] [http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/domestic/content/wind-turbines Source] [http://www.northampton.gov.uk/info/200040/environmental-health/585/micro-wind-turbines/7 Source]
|Nominal Power=
|Nominal Power=<10,000 W
|Nominal Wind Speed=
|Nominal Wind Speed=3-12 m/s
|Start Wind Speed=
|Start Wind Speed=3.5 m/s
|Stop Wind Speed=
|Stop Wind Speed=2.5 m/s
|Maximum Wind Speed Allowed=
|Maximum Wind Speed Allowed=18 m/s
|Rotor Weight=
|Rotor Weight=16-65kg
|Rotor Diameter=
|Rotor Diameter=1.5-7m
|Rotor Surface=
|Mast Height=>8m
|Mast Height=
|Maximum Rotation Speed= 50 m/s
|Maximum Rotation Speed=
|Number of Blades=3-6
|Material Blades=Aluminium, carbon-fibre
|AC Voltage= 230 V
|Number of Blades=
|Minimum Operating Temperature=-20°C
|Material Blades=
|Maximum Operating Temperature=+40°C
|AC Voltage=
|Noise at 25m distance with 10m/s= 90-105 dB
|Minimum Operating Temperature=
|Positioning= Roof-Mounted
|Maximum Operating Temperature=
|Investment Cost= < £3,000
|Noise at 25m distance with 10m/s=
|Operational Cost= Only biyearly maintenance costs (twice yearly)
|Replacement Cost= £3,000
|Investment Cost=
|Life Expectancy= 20 years+
|Operational Cost=
|Replacement Cost=
|Life Expectancy=
[[Category:Renewable Energies]]

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Machine that generates electricity through a turbine connected to a propella blades.

  • Eco-friendly option
  • Requires little ground space
  • Load when operating
  • Pollution in the manufacturing phase
Application barriers
  • Government policy on micro-generation
Information sources

[[Information sources::*Source Source Source Source Source Source]]


Nominal Power

<10,000 W

Nominal Wind Speed

3-12 m/s

Start Wind Speed

3.5 m/s

Stop Wind Speed

2.5 m/s

Maximum Wind Speed Allowed

18 m/s

Rotor Weight


Rotor Diameter


Mast Height


Maximum Rotation Speed

50 m/s

Number of Blades


Material Blades

Aluminium, carbon-fibre

AC Voltage

230 V

Minimum Operating Temperature


Maximum Operating Temperature


Noise at 25m distance with 10m/s

90-105 dB



Investment Cost

< £3,000

Operational Cost

Only biyearly maintenance costs (twice yearly)

Replacement Cost


Life Expectancy

[[Life Expectancy::20 years+

The Design4Energy project aims to address evolutionary life-cycle evolutionary design methodology able to create energy-efficient buildings flexibly connected with the neighbourhood energy system.

More information on http://www.birt.org.uk/energy/turbine/turbine3.html

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