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2x2 Acoustical Ceiling Tile - Textured +Changing with import csv  +


40mm Double Fixed Window - Even +this is a 40mm casement window modeled off the Vantage profile, all elements are extruded profiles right down to the neoprene seals, this file is quite large but excellent for showing that extra detail in your project. I think i've managed to iron out all the kinks, and yes this window is parametric. CSI Division: 08 51 00 Metal Windows RevitCity Division: Windows > Miscellaneous Product Version: Revit Architecture 2010 Uploaded By: Johnboy Uploaded On: Tue, Oct 6, 2009 Original Creator: Johnboy  +


Air Handling Unit (AHU) +(empty)  +
Air Source Heat Pump +Transfers heat from the outside to the inside of a building, or vice versa. Can be used for full central and water heating of a property when applied successfully.  +
Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) +There are three main types of heat pumps, vapour compression, adsorption and absorption heat pumps. <br /> In the majority of cases compression heat pumps are used. For operation they need mechanical energy. Heat pumps reverse the natural heat flow from a higher to a lower temperature. In heating mode heat pumps transfer heat from the surroundings into buildings. In cooling mode they transfer heat in the opposite direction. <br /> The most frequently used sources of energy for heat pumps are air (Air Source Heat Pump, ASHP) and water (Water Source Heat Pump, WSHP), but also soil and waste can be used. Centralized and decentralized heat pumps are available, whereby the latter are used to heat or cool one room or part of the building only.  +
Air/Water-Brine/Water Heat Pump +(empty)  +
Alkaline Fuel Cells +(empty)  +
Anaerobic Digestion +(empty)  +
Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) +(empty)  +


Barrage +(empty)  +
Batory Office Building II +n/a  +
Binary Cycle +(empty)  +
Biodiesel +(empty)  +
Biofuels +(empty)  +
Biomass +(empty)  +
Borehole Thermal Energy Storage (BTES) +(empty)  +


Cavern or Mine Thermal Energy Storage (CTES) +(empty)  +
Channel Systems +(empty)  +
Chilled Beams +(empty)  +
Chilled Water System +(empty)  +
Clerestory +(empty)  +
Closed-Cycle Systems +(empty)  +
Cofiring +(empty)  +
Cold/Cryo Compressed +(empty)  +
Compact Fluorescent Lamp +Commonly used residential lighting, functions through the heating of coil or filament of tungsten wire by electrical current.  +
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