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Being an fart that is old who had owned 2002s straight back in the Seventies, I had fond memories of the thing that was said to be the proper fog lights for my 02;round lights with chrome housings and approx. six inches in diameter, initially manufactured by Hella. The first Hella 160 series of lights are have already been out of manufacturing for a very long time and the replacement 500 show Hella lights have ABS/plastic black housings, that lack old college charm and are maybe not period correct. That option was also too easy, especially if you are of this mind-set that a hard acquisition enhances emotional value. This pathway through No Longer Available, and difficult to acquire parts New Old Stock parts is familiar to the well used traveler of vintage BMW restoration, and after spending years working for the prop dept. This is a territory I was familiar with at Saturday Night Live finding strange stuff.

I started my search on one of the best United States Of America based BMW 2002 discussion boards, 2002faq, and posted a request on the 'parts wanted' section.

If you should be unfamiliar with enthusiast online discussion boards, just about any vehicle comes with an enthusiast team and is an excellent resource for parts, and information. Unfortuitously the one set I happened to be offered had been a slightly later on model with plastic help brackets, and there have been no fog light covers. Worried that I might never ever find another set, I purchased them anyway. I later wound up attempting to sell them for the small revenue.

My search continued on EBay, USA, UK, and German. I've formerly bought BMW parts on foreign EBay sites while having found them to be always a resource that is great if done carefully. One of the first prerequisites we have is that the seller accepts PayPal, which prevents timely and bank that is expensive, while offering protection in the event that item does not show up or is faulty (maybe not that we ever had that happen). I additionally choose in the event that seller is making use of EBay Overseas shipping, which offers package monitoring and a price that is reasonable. If it an extremely rare item, a high seller rating can help ease any uncertainty while I do not hold hard and fast on those rules, especially. One of many advantages of buying on an International EBay site is some parts, while popular and highly sought after is the United States Of America market, might not be as valuable in other countries. Fog lights, as an example were much more popular in European countries and had been fitted as initial gear for a number of cars.
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Search the online world to locate Parts

In the past that is not-so-distant finding parts usually designed skimming through hundreds of categorized ads and regional newspapers, calling dozens of junkyards and personal citizens, and no tiny level of luck. That’s all changed with all the proliferation regarding the Web, and now all that info is more available and more straightforward to find than ever before. On line auction sites like e-bay are a place that is great start, as is Craigslist and other online classified listings. Web-based car clubs and car forums may also provide leads for various parts.

Contact yards that are salvage

When you may be able to find most things online, you’re maybe not the only one making use of the Internet. Most salvage yards are now actually attached to a number of online companies that help handle and monitor stock in salvage yards across the country, and chances are a few telephone calls to local yards in your town can generate some helpful leads. When your regional garden doesn’t have the parts you need, they might be able to find the yard that is nearest that has it in their inventory. They ought to also provide info on interchangeable parts from other makes and models.