Residential Building 4

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Name of the building Residential Building 4
Select facility lifecycle stage 34435
Select project phase 2
Select main function of the building 23
Give number of storeys, average value used when required 76
Virbal description of oc Apartment block, average building from data energy certificates
Strategy objectives to energy design 32
Total floor area of the building on all fools including exterior and interior walls 4343
Total floor area of the building on all fools excluding exterior and interior walls 1230.456
Total volume(area and height)of the building 650.345
Amount of persons that use the building 1212
Proportion of the vacancy in the building 8
year when building has been construct 1
year when building has been renovate or parts added to existing building 6565
Select Country where facility is Located Germany
Postal address to building site Böblingen Str10
select region characteristics from the list Berlin
Map latitude value 345445
Map longitude value 665657
Unique registry identifier of the plot 23
total area of the site 20
Building efficiency and density 45

I Economic Performance
Property value 90
Profitability 21
Cost Impact 87
investment 5 §
Operation Cost 45 §
LCC 34  %

II Performance In Use
LEQ 89  %
Indoor air quality 34 J/Kg
Thermal comfort Low
Visual comfort 29
Acoustic comfort 32
Health & Safety 1  %
Energy system performance 87  %
Accessibility 11
Positive stimulation 32  %
maintainability 23
III Environmental Performance
Climate change 23  %
CO2 58 m^2
Waste 889  %
Resource depletion 21 k/s
Non-renewable primary energy 78 voltage
Non-renewable materials 74 k
Water(embodied and in-use 24 liter
IV Impact On Neighborhood Performance
Energy 5 watt
Energy balancing 321
Peak power need 9
Storage capacity 90 watt
Quality 2