Template:Building benchmark template

This is the "building benchmark template" template. It should be called in the following format:

{{building benchmark template
|Name of building=
|Lifecycle stage=
|Project phase=
|Type of building=
|Number of storeys=
|Description of Building=
|Energy objective=
|Gross floor area=
|Net floor area=
|Building volume=
|Number of occupants=
|Vacancy year=
|Construction year=
|Map location lat.=
|Map location long=
|Land registry title number=
|size of the plot=
|Building efficiency and density=
|Property value=
|Cost Impact=
|Operation Cost=
|Indoor air quality=
|Thermal comfort=
|Visual comfort=
|Acoustic comfort=
|Health & Safety=
|Energy system performance=
|Positive stimulation=
|Climate change=
|Resource depletion=
|Non-renewable primary energy=
|Non-renewable materials=
|Water(embodied and in-use=
|Energy balancing=
|Peak power need=
|Storage capacity=

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