Template:Metal Air Battery (Me-air)

It should be called in the following format:

{{Metal Air Battery (Me-air) Template
|Application barriers=
|Information sources=
|Nominal Capacity 1 Hour Rate=
|Nominal Capacity 4 Hour Rate=
|Nominal Capacity 8 Hour Rate=
|Nominal Capacity 24 Hour Rate=
|Energy Density 20 Hour Rate=
|Specific Energy 20 Hour Rate=
|Internal Resistance=
|Maximum Discharge Current 7 Minutes=
|Maximum Short-Duration Discharge Current 10 Seconds=
|Shelf Life 1 Month=
|Shelf Life 3 Month=
|Shelf Life 6 Month=
|Charge Operating Temperature Range=
|Discharge Operating Temperature Range=
|Investment Cost=
|Operational Cost=
|Replacement Cost=
|Life Expectancy=

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