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Building Benchmark Database
The Design4Energy project aims to address evolutionary life-cycle evolutionary design methodology able to create energy-efficient buildings flexibly connected with the neighbourhood energy system. The project also aims to allow stakeholders to predict the current and future energy efficiency of buildings at both the individual and neighbourhood levels. The ultimate purpose of the project is to enable all parties to make better informed decissions in optimising the energy performance at the building life-cycle level, including operation and maintenance.

Building Benchmarks

 DescriptionConditioned national reference floor areaConditioned floor area calculatedThermal bridging
Batory Office Building IIn/a
Office Building 1Office building in Polish, with oil central heating system
Office Building 2Office block, average building from data energy certificates
Residential Building 1Residential Office locates in Spain with solar energy system
Residential Building 2Residential office locate in Madrid, Spain, with wind enrgy system
Residential Building 3One-family house with oil central heating system
Residential Building 4Apartment block, average building from data energy certificates
Sobinco Office Buidlingn/a
Z1 SI 006single family house in southern zone of Europe (e.g. Spain)
Z2 MF 003multi-family house in central zone of Europe (e.g. Germany)
Z2 SI 005single family house in central zone of Europe (e.g. Germany)

StatImage opt.png

Batory Office Building IIN/a
Office Building 134
Office Building 276
Residential Building 178
Residential Building 287
Residential Building 354
Residential Building 458
Sobinco Office BuidlingN/a
Z1 SI 00627
Z2 MF 00364
Z2 SI 00538

Building Benchmark Projects