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Building Benchmark Database
For the feasibility study during the briefing phase or program planning of a building, performance data of already constructed buildings should serve as a guideline. Suitable buildings can be referred to as reference buildings.

Reference objects should be searched through carefully in order to serve as benchmarks and be as close to the original object as possible. This functionality can be summed up in two steps: (1) uploading of the structured data to the database and (2) searching for reference buildings within the benchmark database.

On this website 6 building benchmarks are presented (2 office buildings and 4 residential buildings). Each building benchmark contains a data sheet on the subjects “Basic Information”, “Economic Performance”, “Performance in Use”, “Environmental Performance” and “Impact on Neighborhood Performance”.

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Building Benchmarks[edit]

 DescriptionGross floor areaNet floor areaThermal comfort
Batory Office Building IIn/a7,9856,253n/a
Office Building 1Office building in Polish, with oil central heating system1,200.45523.62High
Office Building 2Office block, average building from data energy certificates1,119.23659.45Medium
Residential Building 1Residential Office locates in Spain with solar energy system2,439.345250.456Low
Residential Building 2Residential office locate in Madrid, Spain, with wind enrgy system2,313.56899.77Meduim
Residential Building 3One-family house with oil central heating system400.5230.523High
Residential Building 4Apartment block, average building from data energy certificates4,3431,230.456Low
Sobinco Office Buidlingn/a2,4681,930n/a
Z1 SI 006single family house in southern zone of Europe (e.g. Spain)3559018
Z2 MF 003multi-family house in central zone of Europe (e.g. Germany)1221,53618
Z2 SI 005single family house in central zone of Europe (e.g. Germany)4019018

Batory Office Building IIN/a
Office Building 134
Office Building 276
Residential Building 178
Residential Building 287
Residential Building 354
Residential Building 458
Sobinco Office BuidlingN/a
Z1 SI 00627
Z2 MF 00364
Z2 SI 00538