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The Design4Energy project aims to address evolutionary life-cycle evolutionary design methodology able to create energy-efficient buildings flexibly connected with the neighbourhood energy system.

The project also aims to allow stakeholders to predict the current and future energy efficiency of buildings at both the individual and neighbourhood levels. The ultimate purpose of the project is to enable all parties to make better informed decissions in optimising the energy performance at the building life-cycle level, including operation and maintenance.

2x2 Acoustical Ceiling Tile - Textured, BRICKWORK (OUTER LEAF), Brick Wall, CAST CONCRETE MEDIUM, Cast in place slab parametric, Cavity, Cement Wall, Cement bonded particle board, Column - Industrial column, Column - Industrial column 2, Concrete, Curtain Wall Four Panel Sliding Door, Curtain Wall Panel Door, Door - Residential Exterior - Inswing, Double Aluminum Door with Transom, Double Door, Double door with smaller Leaf, Energy System, Expanded polystyrene (CIBSE), Exterior Sliding Door, Fffff, Fibre cement wall, First project, Floor slab parametric, Flush Door with Louvers, GYPSUM, Generic Skylight Component, Green Roof Material, Hollowcore Beam, INSULATION BOARD - HF-B2, Insulated Siding, Knauf multilayer, Light facade KNAUF Aquapanel system, MINERAL FIBRE SLAB, ORIGINAL ENTRANCE DOOR, PLASTER (LIGHTWEIGHT), PLYWOOD (LIGHTWEIGHT), Plasterboard, Precast Slab-Hollow Core-Section, Precast Slab-Hollow Core-Side, Precast Slab-Hollow Core-Top, Precast Solid Flat Slab-Side, Precast Solid Flat Slab-Top, Pyramid Skylight, Qqqq, ROCKWOOL, Rainscreen, SAND, SATE/ETICS ROCKWOOL facade energy refurbishment system, SINGLE FLUSH DOOR W/ HM FRAME AND ADJUSTABLE DOOR SWING, STEEL SIDING - HF-A3, Sand, Simple wall, Single Door, Single Flush Door - Modern, Single Flush Door in HM Frame, Slab simple parametric, Smart home, Solid door with sidelight that opens and closes, Square-Column-Wrapped-editable Finall, TFW90-D, THERMALITE - HIGH STRENGTH, Timber frame, UF FOAM, URBANSCAPE System, Universal Column, Wall and double door


Design4Energy continues to further develop, please be patient as we research current, new and emerging technologies over the coming weeks.

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