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Technology Database
The project also aims to allow stakeholders to predict the current and future energy efficiency of buildings at both the individual and neighbourhood levels. The ultimate purpose of the project is to enable all parties to make better informed decissions in optimising the energy performance at the building life-cycle level, including operation and maintenance.

The energy system database is used for technology selection. In a first step novel energy systems are researched and collected. Now the search results need to be presented in an accessible and adequate way so that they can be browsed by an expert, an engineer or an architect, based on selection and evaluation criteria.

The methodology used for that are special data sheets. These technology data sheets are a significant tool for innovation and technology planning. They offer a basis for decision-making on the selection of technologies in order to identify and supply adequate resources for technology development and application.

On this website energy systems are divided into four categories (energy generation, energy distribution, energy storage and energy consumers). For each category technologies were collected with the purpose to improve a building’s energy efficiency. Each technology receives a data sheet covering the subjects “Overview”, “Performance Factors” and “Deterioration”.

Technology Radar

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ES 3(20 P)
Heat Pumps(6 P)
Heating(3 P)
Lighting(6 P)
Renewable Energies(16 P)


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